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NET, Java, RISC-V, Xtensa, and Xilinx architectures, and he has authored several books on embedded software. [^1]: Counting in local variable identifiers and the beginning of function headers. [^2]: Counting in local variable identifiers and the beginning of function headers. What people are saying about CAMDR Updates Gavin Albrecht(CAMDR Founder) says: I love all my colleagues and friends working on CAMDR. Many of the best people in this field come from other fields - some of them are major influences on my thinking. Some of our more recent publications Subscribe to our RSS feed Newsletter Register for CAMDR updates Your email address will be kept confidential, and the CAMDR website will not be used to advertise to you. Why subscribe to a newsletter? Most websites that require you to submit personal details (e.g. for account registration) also have a newsletter feature. It is much quicker to subscribe to a newsletter than to fill in the form, and also helps you keep up to date with changes that the website has recently made.Q: Spark-Cassandra connector performance I am facing performance issues while using spark-cassandra connector. As shown in the above image, the spark-cassandra connector is consuming 100% cpu time. The jar is using 1 master and 2 workers. I have read that, in case of master failure, the execution will be moved to the slaves. But I do not see any of these in this job. I was expecting the spark-cassandra connector to failover to the slaves if the master fails. Can someone explain me how the workers/slaves are identified in this job. A: If the master is not available, the Spark Driver (java process) would proceed without it. Each application should have a different SparkContext, and the Driver keeps a handle to it. If the master fails, a new SparkContext will be created, and its handle will be passed on to the Driver. If the driver has no other worker, it will failover to the others. If the driver has more than one worker, it's a different story. In this case the master/workers are chosen automatically, the workers at least one is chosen as the driver's Master, the rest are chosen as workers




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